Ultimate Mud Warrior Nov 1st and 2nd!

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Ultimate Mud Warrior

Ultimate Mud Warrior.. OKC's "Best Mud Run"! We can assure you our event is like no other mud run, adventure run, fitness challenge course or obstacle challenge race you've ever experienced. We've run some other MOB events, and consult those who have run more.. some have been Tough, others more of a Dash .. we took the best from all the rest! Ultimate Mud Warrior has been called by many as "the best mud run ever", and we plan to make it even better! Our overall goal is to make this a destination course in the world of Obstacle Challenge Races. Located in Oklahoma City, we host a couple of UMW events per year, while changing the course to keep the challenge factor high. The ability to do this makes this course unique in the "mud run" world. Because we don't have to pack up the obstacles, and be a thousand miles away next week, we can build 'em bigger and badder! It also lets is factor in the detours for those that may not quite have the strength or endurance of others.

Bring your friends & family! Spectator admission is free!

This is no wimpy course... Our top 20 male finishers last event had an average time of just over 36 minutes, while our top 20 females had an average of about 45 minutes. We also had many, many who walked the course, taking in the scenery,  and enjoying the show, they finished in about 2 and a half hours. You can do this course, no matter what your fitness level. If you have what it takes for multiple laps, great! We've had guys do 15k! We're a different kind of Course!

If you ran Ultimate Mud Warrior in the past, you've go to come back to check it out again!  New Obstacles, more cable crossings, lots of exciting changes.. we're Bigger, Better, & Badder than before!

What's changing?

  • Saturday & Sunday Registration Combined, register multiple people in one transaction.

  • At least doubling the number of cable crossings.
  • Adding a little something for the upper body.
  • Adding more mud, and mud pits.
  • New Parking & Concession e-pay.Save with e-pay!

  • Free Parking on Sunday!
  • Parking Discounts for participants!

  • Free Parking for Qualifying Teams!

  • And a surprise or two.. watch FaceBook for more clues.

You can do this! Ultimate Mud Warrior is a 400+ acre course consisting of hills, trees, flat land trails, lakes, and a nearby river. We started with wooded areas, sand, dirt, clay, and mud.. fired up the heavy equipment, added a little sweat and came up with a course that can truly challenge your mind, body, and spirit. When we say "wooded trails", we're not running you under a tree, and calling it 'wooded".. we have about 3k of trails in light to heavy woods. This is one sweet trail! For a short Trail Teaser Video, Click Here!

What does that mean? It means this is a 5k, 10k, and a 1.5k kids course all wrapped into one event! Walk, jog, run, and even skip some obstacles, it's all OK! This style course was created to challenge ALL fitness groups. Make it the entire course, and you truly are the "Ultimate Mud Athlete!"  Make it across the finish line, and you'll be awarded with a Custom Ultimate Mud Warrior Medal, a beverage or two, and prizes for the top competitors. Try again next quarter to better your distance and/or time. No matter what, you'll have fun at the party!

If you are a runner, fitness enthusiast, or even an average Joe, our mud run challenge is a "can't miss" event for you. We have designed our course with two things in mind: Spectator involvement with the majority of our courses' obstacles within easy walking distance for your fans.. as well as making the course a true physical and mental challenge for our competitors. Don't worry about it being too much of a challenge, there is a detour around every obstacle to ensure fun to be had by all competitors.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We've put a ton of work into all of our obstacles, but if one is too intimidating or too big you can simply go around! There will be a time penalty and maybe small challenge by choosing this path! You can run the course, walk the course.. or something in between. For a quick Video showing trail building, in fact building a bridge bypass, click here.

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